The best solution for busy camping sites, where you don't want to disturb your clients' perfect vocation silence. Or you need a private garden office with no additional worries - easy and quick!
M8 O.png

This model is produced as one piece, thus no assembly is required on the site. You just simply unload it with the forklift or crane from the trailer and place it on the ground or foundation, and you are ready to furnish it!

The model is one room of 8m² and you decide how you want to use it. It can be a bedroom, an office, a gym, or anything you wish. We will install electricity inside the walls for you.


As for each modular tiny house at MCabin Line you can choose the base completion option or choose additional items. 

The M10 house takes 1/3 of the Mega trailer, so you can fit 3 of those in one delivery for more cost savings.

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FROM 12400eur

For more information on design options and possible add-ons and their costs, please click the buttons below: