Add-Ons for Modular Houses

We understand that there are few types of people when it comes to ordering a modular tiny house. Some will want to have as much included as possible in the completion so that they are left with minimum or, most preferably, no work for themselves after the delivery. And others want to order an "empty" box, having two very good reasons for it: to add their own touches to the house and to save some money installing the items themselves.

Fully equiped M20 model

Whatever type you are we have solution for both! You can order each modular design as a base option or you can add all or just a few items that you choose. We specified the separate prices for each item for each tiny house model when you click on them on 'Our Models' page. But now let's discuss a little more about what is base completion and every available additional item that we can include in your delivery.

Base Completion

This is a fully insulated timber frame construction with all external windproof, rigidity and finishing layers, as well as mounted windows and doors, installed electricity cables inside the walls and ceilings, pipes (except M8 and M8Plus models) and internal finishing layers, such as parquet, T&G wooden panel, architraves, etc.

Internal and External lighting units, sockets and switches

There is no house without lamps, sockets and switches. And we know that lighting units are sometimes a part of interior design, that's why we want to make an option for you to choose your own, rather than accepting our chosen ones by default. All the electricity installation for our modular houses is done according to the specific electricity plan, which will be introduced to you when order is being made. You can decide if you want to put your own lamps, switches and sockets following this plan, or you trust our choices and add these items to be installed during the manufacture.

Heating & Cooling

The external walls have 100+50 mm of wool, which provides standard insulation required for tiny houses like this. However, if you plan to use the glamping house or your office all year round and your climate gets either very cold or very hot, you would need extra temperature control equipment. We offer to add air conditioner with heating function if you need both heating and cooling; heating floor with thermostat, if you need heating; or you can have both, if you want to feel the nice comfort of warm floors and to have an option of cooling the space with air conditioner. Floor heating can be chosen to be applied only to WC room or in main area as well. Important thing to note, you can add the Air Conditioner yourself after delivery, but the heated floor will have to be installed by us or otherwise the floor is closed with a parquet and you won't want to rip it off.

WC & Shower Equipment

Models M8 and M8Plus do not have a WC and Shower room, but you shall consider adding these items for M16 and M34. The items in this section include a sink with a tap and cupboard, a toilet, a shower set and mirror. You shall add the whole set or none at all. All the pipes inside the floor and walls to connect these items will be prepared in the construction as a base completion, so if you decide to fit your own equipment you will be able to do it once the house is delivered to you.

The shower & wc room items available for add-ons

Boiler & Closet

To heat the water for your house you will need a boiler. Water pipes and boiler wires are installed in a base completion of M16 and M34, where shower and kitchen is a part of the house layout. You can choose to connect your own boiler after the house is delivered to you. To provide nice aesthetics inside we suggest adding a closet, which is designed so that boiler is fitted inside leaving some space for the clothes as well. These two items go separately, you can either order one of them, both or none.


Kitchen also is a part of a bigger models M16 and M34. It contains standard linear layout with bottom and top cupboards, a fridge, a sink with a tap. All the wires and pipes are installed in the kitchen wall during the manufacture, so you can add your own kitchen after the house is delivered to you. Or you can leave it all for us to complete and have the full set ready and installed in the modules for delivery.

The kitchen set in M20 module

These are all the add-ons we offer so far. We do not include furniture to our deliveries as it is a very unique choice for each of you. However, if you order multiple houses for your camping site at once, we may consider adding furniture for you as well. Let's discuss it and find the best option for you!


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