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Design options for modular houses


Branded modular house conception usually restrains you from having custom designs as the models are already designed for you, and you either like it or not. What we aim to do with our design is to offer not only different sizes and directions of models to choose from but also color and materials. So, you will never feel like everyone is having the same design. Combine the colors, directions and materials in different ways and each house will be different if you want it to be. These are the design choices we ask every client when the order is made. We will send you a prepared form where you select your choices from the dropdown menu, sign it and send it back to us. So, let’s dive in and discuss what your options are.

Holiday or Work, Glamping or Office

The first choice you will have to make is the use of the house. Do you want to use it as an office or as a glamping house? Even though it does not influence the layout of the house, some electricity decisions such as sockets, differ. Obviously, for the office, you need to connect your computer, your table lighting, your printer, and other equipment. We already thought about it and designed an electrical plan specifically for each type.

Direction, Left or Right

The second decision you will have to make is the direction of the house. The difference is in what side the shorter roof slope is facing. Or another way of looking at it is what direction is the outside door opening?

Do you want to open it with the left hand or right? The houses are mirrored and if you order more than one you can mix to have both to arrange a nice panorama line shaping an "M" line of the roofs. This is exactly how the name of our brand was created!

External finish of sidewalls

The next decision is the material you want the sidewalls to be finished with. The options are – profiled metal sheets, same as on the roof, that give the continuous design of external shell; or wide wooden (spruce) T&G panel. Both materials are available in one dark grey color. Metal sheets are already produced industrially in this color and wooden cladding is primed and painted to the same color to match the roof. Both are a good choice to have, but you should think of a location and the look you want to get. For example, wooden cladding looks great in forests and if you like natural materials, you should consider it. However, if you place this house in hot or rainy climate areas, the wood may be sensitive to shrinking, bending, and twisting, thus metal finish will be less maintenance requiring for you. Another thing with metal is that it absorbs the heat and in hot climates may be uncomfortable to touch it. In such cases, we can discuss changing the color to lighter shades, if you have multiple orders at once.

The color of the front and back walls

The front and back walls are finished with narrow wooden painted T&G cladding by default. But you can pick from 4 different colors. These are light grey, brown, green, and muted red.

The color of the internal wooden panel

The last choice you can make is the color of the interior – walls, and ceilings. They are finished in wooden pine T&G panel. And they come in two types – untreated wood (no color) or washed white wood (bleached). Both are subject to the design ideas and taste. Many people like the bleached look as it helps hide the natural yellowish wood color if you want colder shades. If you prefer any other color - order the untreated panel and paint it over with any paint or stain you want, once it is delivered to your site. A color treatment gives extra support to wood, which is less sensitive to twisting and moving.

However, if the holiday house is for the rent and you expect many people to use it, you will have to clean it once in a while. The washed white color may be sensitive to constant heavy cleaning and may get off in time leaving some unwanted spots and requiring maintenance more often. For rented holiday places or even offices (as we saw in recent years that disinfection of the surfaces is very important), it would be smart to consider untreated wooden surfaces.

If you want to see what is the design choice dropdown form, please download it below:

M24 Design Choices Form
Download PDF • 873KB


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