We created modular designs to improve the whole construction of small tiny houses. We mean cheaper, faster, high-quality, and creating less work for you on-site after delivery. You don't have to waste your time designing the tiny house as we've done it all for you! We've thought of the best layouts to use the internal space effectively, designed them to the size to fit everything you will need in a tiny house! M8, M8PLUS, M17, and M34 are designed to efficiently fit on the trailer to minimize your delivery costs. Each unit weighs not more than 2 tons, so they can easily be lifted by a forklift! No more big machinery or expensive tools to assemble it. It's easy, fast and you can do it yourself with the instruction we provide. And if your building site is hardly accessible by a forklift, don't worry, we've created the metal frame that can be used to safely lift the modules by crane. The new designs M20 and M40 are delivered using a platform to accommodate extra space in living rooms and bedroom. And the crane is required to lift those too enlarged units!

With MCabin Line it is minimal work for you. You can start thinking of strategies to present your new project to your customers or guests, while we do the rest!