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Tiny Modular house can be used as a glamping house or office

Our Modular tiny houses were originally created as holiday and glamping houses or as an extension to your existing house. But the year of pandemic changed the way we work and adapting to this change is critical. This is when we realized that using these tiny houses as your private home office is a great idea.

We produced 3D designs to showcase the difference in room planning compared between the office and holiday use.

The model in the pictures below is M24.

The front module in the holiday design has a kitchen and living room that opens a nice panorama through the big windows when sitting on your comfortable sofa.

The 3D visualization of kitchen and dining room in a glamping house, or office

This module can be changed to a meeting room with a kitchen, where you can have main appliances to heat or cook your food, keep it in the fridge or prepare fresh coffee for your customers and partners.

Meeting room with kitchen in the private home office
The 3D visualization of the front module being used as a meeting room in an office

The back module in the holiday design has a bedroom with a big window and WC & Shower room. Which can be changed to a nice office desk place.

The 3D visualization of front view on kitchen, dining room and bedroom in a glamping house
The 3D visualization on back module being used as an office room

These are our ideas, but you can always use your magic and share your photos with us! We once got the query if this tiny house can be used as a little boxing gym. Yes of course! Maybe you need a small gym, a little workshop for your creative handcrafts, a dance studio - it could be whatever you think of. Drop us an email and we will help you out and assist with your ideas!

Here are a few pictures of the finished look of our client's office which was made in an M14 model modular house!

The left side of an office interior in the M14 modular house

Workplace in the office


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