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 If you are looking for a bigger timber frame holiday house than the tiny house concept, then our Element line is for you. Element houses due to their size cannot be fit into the trailers so the walls and roof are premanufactured in elements and constructed on-site with a crane as a puzzle. With these designs, we are skipping the project design stage for you, which means you get the finished drawings of the house and can take it from there. Element house line gives you freedom and flexibility to choose your materials, thickness of the walls, and some other changes you want to make, while still keeping the unique design of MCabin Line. This is great if you want to have a tiny modular house next to it to create a continuous and scene for your land. And also great if you want to build a modern unique holiday or living house on its own. We have models from 50 m² up to 125 m² with two or three bedrooms. The element house price is estimated individually for every customer depending on the country's regulations, preferences, and needs as bigger house construction has more regulations necessary to be taken into account to estimate a more accurate price. Check out the designs you like below and drop us an email to discuss your choices and order a free price quote.


I want to get a free quote for an Element House

As each of the element houses has to be priced for your country regulations and your specific needs, please contact us today to get a free offer according to your individual project.

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Element vs Modular

You caught yourself thinking: "I like the design of these houses, but I am not sure what element construction is"?