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Privacy policy

Here you can find out what information about you we collect when you visit the website , what we do with the information and to whom we pass the information. You will also find important information about your rights in relation to the processing of your data.

Your personal data controller is:

UAB Litfix,

Reg. no 302668243,

Geležinkelio Pylimo st. 4, Gargždai, Lithuania

What information about you do we collect and what do we use it for?

Statistics on browsing on the website

We regularly improve our website to make it easy and convenient to use. Therefore, we need to know what information on our website our visitors are most interested in, what browser they use, what website content they are interested in, etc.

We collect this information using Google Analytics tools that allow us to record and analyze how visitors use the website. More about Google Analytics and the information that these tools allow to collect:

If you wish that Google Analytics tools would not to record the information about your online browsing, you can use Google Analytics-opt Browser Add-on.

The legal basis for processing of the said information is our legitimate interest to improve the functioning of the website and the accessibility of our commercial information.


For the site to function properly, we record small data files called cookies into your device. Most websites do the same.

A cookie is a small text file that is saved on your device when you visit the website. It allows your website to remember your actions and options for a certain time (e.g. registration name, language, IP address, font size and other display options), and you do not need to re-enter them every time you visit the website or browse various pages on the website. Cookies also help collect statistical information on the visits to the site.

Cookies shall only be recorded if you give your consent which appears on the screen, with the exception of the cookies, which are necessary for the provision of our services.

Our website uses cookies which:

  • ensure the key functions of the website;

  • identify whether the website is visited by the same visitor;

  • determine whether you have agreed to the cookies being recorded in your devices;

  • adapt advertising displayed to the visitor on the website according to the browsing history;

  • record statistics on website visits, duration of visits, and navigation path.

The legal basis for using cookies is our legitimate interest to ensure the technical functionality of the website and your consent where cookies are used to save your selected options, for statistical and marketing purposes.


You can send us a message on the website. We process your enquiry details, your name, email, phone number, message content and IP address to reply to your enquiry. The legal basis for processing this data is your consent to contact us.

To whom and why we pass your information?

We always store your data safely and require this from all our partners and service providers who have access to your data.

Your data can be viewed by:

  • suppliers of the content of the website;

  • marketing service providers;

  • project development team.

How long do we store your information?

The processing of the data for which your consent is required or consent is declined for these purposes shall cease after your consent has been withdrawn (statement of objection).

Statistical information collected with Google Analytics tools and other cookies is usually used up to 3 years. Since part of this information can only be deleted by our partners, they set terms for its storage.

Cookies normally remain on your equipment for up to 3 years.

Other data – 3-year period.

How can you access your data?

If you wish to know the data we have collected about you, you can contact us by email:


You may also request to correct, delete or restrict processing of the data, and cancel your consents, if applicable, and exercise the right to data portability.

How to control cookies?

If you wish, you can control and/or delete cookies. Further information is available at or You may delete all cookies on your computer and set most browsers to prevent cookies being saved on your device.

However, we inform you that in this case you may need to change some options manually each time you visit the website and some services or functions may not work.

Where to apply in connection with violation of your rights?

If you think that your right to privacy has been violated, you can file a complaint with the State Data Protection Inspectorate, A. Juozapavičiaus g. 6, 09310 Vilnius, tel. (8 5) 271 2804, 279 1445, fax (8 5) 261 9494, email:

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